Our Creative Short Stories

We’re using this post to highlight the latest stories we’ve published on Vocal (Media)

Exercising our creative muscles and content writing is critically important.  So we want you to see the breadth of our expertise.

These are listed in chronological order, starting with the first published story.  As you work down the list, you can see our latest.

We’ll add to this post as we publish new stories.

When you have a minute hop on over to each of the links below and have a good read.  Enjoy.


Mom Boss, Mom Bitch

mom looking normal


Leather and Lace

leather phone or controller holder in yellow tanned doehide


Feel Better – Bring the Outside In

young woman sitting on mountain top


The Medicine Bull

painted bison skull next to at home office picture


The Beginning of the Light

green lights


Memories from Beneath

frozen pond with leather journal to the side


Battle for Souls

beach landing and young corporal army photos WW2

Emmett, Master Cat

Images of Emmett, a Russian Blue cat



Author: Mark