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Online Marketing – Pandemic Effects

During the recent COVID pandemic in the US, marketers chose to emphasize more online marketing tactics compared to traditional media.  At the top of the list, Social Media and Display advertising took over.  Following closely were Search and Digital Video tools and tactics.

And these tactics drew more attention during the pandemic compared to traditional media such as TV – both broadcast and cable – as well as radio, out-of-home and print.  The shift into more online tactics made sense in the second half of 2020 with more people at home or under restricted activities due to the COVID virus.

Now, in the last half of 2021, marketers continue to emphasize online tactics as the plan future marketing budgets.  Specifically, though, Videos along with Social and Search are expected to grow the fastest compared to pre-COVID levels.



Digital video ad spending is expected to be more than double this year with search up 50% and social up 65% compared to 2019.

When you are planning your advertising spending to support your online business, how should you allocate your marketing dollars in order to stay competitive?

The latest data suggest you should spend on Social, Search and Video.  Depending on your target customer or target audience, the mix between these top 3 types of online marketing will vary. For example, in outdoor fitness or outdoor activities, Video may take a higher priority.  Or, for health related markets, Search becomes more important.

How can you compete with these top 3 tactics? One solution would be to outsource or hire marketing experts to do the work for you.  As demand for digital marketing talent grows, though, you will have to compete with other businesses.  Wage rates are likely to increase and good talent may be harder to find.

If you have a penchant for DIY (do it yourself), there are several resources available that include step-by-step programs and learning opportunities.  For example, our Digital Marketing University offers free materials, as well as pay for courses – both written and video learning.  You can get a copy of our course catalogue or Digital Marketing Survival Guide (click the link or the image below), sign up and start with free downloads.


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Author: Mark