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Best tools and ways to make your content dazzle

In today’s online business world, you cannot let your content sit idle.  All of your competition is working constantly every day to publish more, better content than you.


And Content is still King of the Internet.  Without good content, your SEO suffers,

your search rank suffers, your targeted customers won’t find you, and on and on.


Here are a few ways to make your content better… with a combination of known

online business tools plus some new AI and text mining applications.

One of the easiest and oldest tools is known as a tag cloud or word cloud. If you generate

one of these for your chosen topic or niche, you can then make all your content conform

to these priorities. For example, the graphic above was created from the top 10 listings

for the search terms “internet marketing” and “affiliate marketing”.  You can see that using

words like internet, marketing, and online in your content will help build your content

around your topic or niche.


You can also use tools like the Bubble Chart above.  This type of graphic, for your specific

niche can help you generate the right content and get you more highly targeted (and

interested) results online.

Here are a few other examples as well… a Word Tree and a Trend Chart.



All of these tools can easily be used for your specific niche or market.  And, not many of

your competitors understand or know how to use these tools (you can find out more in this

book now available for sale at Amazon), so you’ll definitely have a competitive advantage

if you start now.

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